Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds offer an easy yet versatile way to make any home graceful and energy efficient.

The Honeycomb collection includes a beautiful new range of translucent, blackout and semi-sheer fabrics in a variety of delicate colours, and comes with a choice of operating systems and clever designs.

The honeycomb blinds have a cellular design that creates pockets of stationary air that act as insulators, helping with energy savings by reducing heat loss and gain. Honeycomb can help reduce cooling bills by reflecting solar energy.

The honeycomb blinds blocks up to 99% of UV rays to protect carpets and furniture from fading.

The honeycomb blinds are made from either non-woven or woven polyester, that will not fray of fade. They are easy to care for and maintain, dust repellent and can be cleaned easily with a damp sponge or vacuumed gently with a brush attachment.

White backing facing outwards provides a clean and uniform appearance from the outside. Cords are hidden within the fabric, with no external holes to allow light coming though.

The blinds have a neat stacking system providing a clear view to the outside when not in use. They come with a choice of operating systems and clever designs, and are easy to fit with snap in and release brackets.

the honeycomb range

Honeycomb single cell with 20mm pleat in a range of selected colours, including translucent, patterns, and blockouts.

Honeycomb double cell with 20mm pleat also in a range of selected colours, including translucent, semi-sheers,  and blockouts.

Control Options


Cordless Lifting System raises and lowers the shades effortlessly at the bottom bar. With no visible cords, the Cordless system is an ideal child-safe solution.


Feauturing an endless (or continuos) cord loop operation with a geared clutch, the EasyRise system offers light and smooth operation for easy lifting of even the largest shades.


Lift & Lock is a patented lift system featuring a designer bottomrail with no visible cords, for enhanced child safety. Simply press the bottomrail button to easily operate the shade, then release the button to lock the shade in position.


Momenta motorisation offers the ultimate in child safety, convenience and eases of operation. The quiet motor lifts and raises the shades at the touch of a button, powered by convenient battery pack or simply plug in to a standard power supply outlet.


The Classic Cord Lock system features sleek, slimline hardware for an unobtrusive appearance when the shade is fully raised, with the cords neatly secured by cleats.

Design Options


Combine two different fabric opacities on the one blind, to achieve optimal light and privacy control. Enjoy the best of both worlds when combining a sheer and blockout fabric on the one shade.


Arena Honeycomb Shades are ideal for skylights and sloping or hard-to-reach windows.


Allows the shade to be raised from the bottom as well as lowered from the top, for complete light and privacy control.


Honevcomb Shades are available in a selection of specialty shapes, for arched and angled windows.


For larger windows, patio doors or window/door combinations, two separate blinds can be mounted on the one head rail, with each blind able to be lowered and raised independently.

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